A guide to making really great pot brownies.

It's time to prep the bud!

Weigh out 5 grams of your finest ganja.
Grind ganja.
With a PYREX® measuring glass, measure out the appropriate amount of your favorite cooking oil (vegetable, canola, sunflower, etc.) as described in your brownie recipe.
Now it's time to get ready to cook!
Pour oil into medium saucepan and heat at “medium to medium-low ” for about a minute.
Add ground ganja...
...and stir with wooden spoon for 30-45 minutes.
Your goal is to aim for less than a simmer. Finding the optimal temperature on your cook top essential. Too low a temperature will extract very little THC from the ground shake. Too high a temperature will boil and burn the oil. Since all burners are unique, start out on a medium-low temperature and use good judgment.
When you are finished the oil will turn a dark brown.
Let cool.

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