A guide to making really great pot brownies.

Now we strain the ground weed out!


Place your gold coffee filter into the PYREX® measuring glass.
Pour the entire oil/ganja concoction thru the gold coffee filter sitting on the PYREX® measuring glass.
Use a teaspoon (or rubber spatula) to scrape out every last bit of oil!! This is the reason we’are here today.
When you are done you should have just about (if not exactly) the original amout of oil you added. If not, simply top off the PYREX® measuring glass with whatever amount of oil is required. Please note the dark brown color!
At this point we are ready to make our brownies. If you want to bake your brownies later, simply cover your oil with plastic wrap and let stand at room temperature until you are ready to bake. The rest of the instructions are followed exactly as described on the brownie box.
Here is our final comparison:
Now it's time to bake!

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